Flica / Eu Seng Seto, armed with his array of sound programming mastery and electro-acoustic musicianship has received rave reviews for his second release, Nocturnal.

Hailing from Melaka, this 10 piece outfit skips between punk, unpolished pop and indie rock. The sheer volume of the band members, and their energy is a breath of fresh air to the local scene.

This session, shot at Rimbun Dahan, features Tenderfist. Having played the singer songwriter circuit for a bit, they are now back with their full lineup and with their blend of down tempo pop and heartfelt songwriting, Tenderfist is definitely a band to watch in the near future.

Loud, crazy and addictively melodious, Bunkface is a group of talented kids who, besides making excellent pop punk music, sets out to have all the fun that they can possibly have while they are at it.

Post-rock quartet Deepset resonates an emotionally moving blend of harmonic phase and sonic beauty with mesmerizing echoes of weeping and soaring guitars that are both mind-blowing and haunting.