The Wknd Sessions


From what started off as an exploration of computer-generated electronica, rigorous experimentation led to the formation of his namesake, Monoloque – founded by the guitarist and lead songwriter of Butterfingers, Loque.

Originally from Kota Kinabalu, Jerome Kugan, a poet, singer songwriter and gig organiser, started to actively play music in the local circuit back in 2000, after returning from Australia and relocating to KL

As with a whole lot of things here in KL, we discovered Diandra Arjunaidi through word of mouth. This 18 year old bedroom songstress uploaded some covers on Youtube, and that got digested pretty well by a lot of people.

Flica / Eu Seng Seto, armed with his array of sound programming mastery and electro-acoustic musicianship has received rave reviews for his second release, Nocturnal.

When singer-songwriter Yuna first emerged with her music, she melted the hearts of people with her demure stage persona and beautiful, serenading voice.