The Wknd Sessions


We love that lo-fi aesthetic in Muck’s music, which still manages to retain a melodic appeal. This combo makes them feel authentic, lovable and down-to-earth; some may even say that it’s the “sound” of Ipoh.

Six-piece britpop band with rock ‘n roll leanings, Molly Dolly was formed in 2008 and have been in the Ipoh music scene since then, growing up through the scene’s formative years.

Ramayan blend elements of psychedelia in their re-imagining of post-modern pop, echoing music from the past. To a time when music was stripped down, and not so much about sound design as it is about “feel”.

Eleventh Avenue is one the bands appearing on The Wknd Sessions Live #4 – happening on 22-August-2015 in Mall of Medini, Johor Bahru. Eleventh Avenue is a pop-punk band comprising of Pozy, Ajen and Anep. Themselves members of prominent bands in the scene – Pozy and Anep also play for Plague of Happiness, and Ajen for I See Dumb People – this super-band-of-sorts started out in 2009 as a fun side project and creative outlet…