KL’s experimental music venue Findars is making another comeback with Pianissimo Concert Season Two resulting from their success in the earlier season. This combination session of art installation and live music performance continues featuring a total of 4 volumes in the company of 8 exciting line-ups. Spilling good vibes all over local and international art performers, Findars has been a very firm supporter of our Malaysian indie scene for years. Be it music or any form of arts, Findars well-organized space complete this gathering with clarity and bound to give a warm atmosphere for you to chill and take pleasure in for your souls.

Pianissimo Concert series deliver the rich, warm sounds from local and international acts provided by a minimal and simple pianissimo equipment set-up for performances. For the past series that went through 3 volumes, Findars has brought up acts including Shh..Diam!, Halfway Kings, Make Like A Tree (Ukraine) and Mystery Tapes.

Here’s a fine print for Pianissimo Concert Season Two:

Entry: RM10

Time: 9pm-11pm

Venue: Findars, No. 8, 4th Floor, Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

Pianissimo Concert

We’re sorry that you guys might have missed the first volume, but still there are three more to go!

As said by Findars itself, it will be an immersive fortissimo sound experience – in which you cannot stand to miss. You could get up close and personal with your favourite artists as the set for this show provides a very welcoming feel. Pianissimo Concert Season Two is presented to you by Findars alongside its official media partner, JUICE.

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by Farah Azahar
Photo via Findars