mondo gascaro
Half-Japanese Indonesian musician, Mondo Gascaro is known for composing music for notable Indonesian films such as ‘Berbagi Suami’, ‘Pintu Terlarang’, ‘La-Tahzan’, ‘Hello Goodbye’ and more. Formerly known as a member of indie band SORE, Mondo has been busy producing many artists and bands for the past couple of years under his music label, Ivy League Music which he fronted. After a short hiatus, he has finally managed to release a new single ‘Saturday Light’ last August 2014 which we’ve featured a while back. This single along with a new B-Side will be released on 7″ vinyl format on December 21, 2014. This release marks his return to the music scene as a solo artist, and will serve as a prologue to his full-length album due to be released in 2015. Be on the lookout!