Put together creative players like Isa Ong of the band Pleasantry, Amateur Takes Control and Sleep Easy, Syahadi of Windtree and Paris in the Making, Wei Shan of Muon, .gif and Weish, Hanis and IsaF as the bassist and sound artist respectively, then there you have it; an experimental quintet under the name of sub:shaman, bringing their unique brand of music characterized by dark undertones and heavy basslines to the masses.

Following the release of their debut concept EP, ‘Outsider’ at Lomography’s Blue Hour Sessions in Home Club last February, this Singapore-based electronica outfit has collaborated with creatives from Dunce and Crüe to produce a neo-noir inspired short film to complete the experience of the EP.

“The ‘Outsider’ EP is a concept album heavily influenced by a neo-noir aesthetic and revolves around a murder-mystery. Each track represents and narrates the thoughts of each character involved in the story: Broker, Sleuth, Harlot, and Hypnotist. Listeners are invited to come investigate—with the help of clues embedded within its song lyrics and album art. Since the album’s release, friends and fans alike have become a part of a game via the band’s website, studying evidence and submitting their own theories surrounding ‘Outsider’.  The film, co-written with Christopher Fok and directed by Elliot Sng, is both Outsider’s prologue and closure. Listeners are now invited to move beyond the aural experience of the EP and witness the narrative, as it was originally imagined, in moving pictures.”

The band is delighted to invite you to the premiere screening of the film at the upcoming 100 Bands Festival held at Kovan Hub. The premiere will be at 8.30pm on the 14th of June 2014.

This artistic visual piece would somehow evoke not only the passive experience of listening but our imaginative sides, certainly helps to set the scene and match up to that mental picture many of us have upon hearing the EP.

Don’t miss out!

Listen to Outsider EP, investigate the case, and read fan-submitted theories on www.subshaman.com

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via sub:shaman