The My Constitution campaign, which started in late 2009 will see its final phase happening this weekend with the Rock 4 Rights Carnival happening in Fort Cornwallis, Penang, brought to you by the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee, Frinjan and Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. A 12-hour non stop concert and carnival, it will have performance arts and film screenings, food & beverage stalls, arts & crafts stalls, and of course performances by special guests Bittersweet and Couple, and also acts on the recently released Radio Demokratika compilation CD like Azmyl Yunor, The Maharajah Commission, An Honest Mistake and more.

The event starts at 12 noon on Saturday, 2nd April 2011 at Fort Cornwallis, Penang. Admission is free. Check out their blog for more info.


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