adam kasturi

Seems like he hasn’t gotten a time-out since his debut ‘Jaguar’ and the sequel ‘Mitos’ – electronic producer Adam Kasturi is undeniably becoming one of the common names in the KL scene. As devoted to his music, he has been working on more good stuff and as an evident, Adam has recently let loose a brand spanking new track on his SoundCloud.

Along with a breezy touch of his vocals, ‘Astrapia’ flows out a chilling synth and swaying waves that’ll do right to soothe you up after a long day at work. Spiced up with a beguiling beats, this track parades a balanced rhythmic composition from him. Also, we think that it is actually a different and pristine output from Adam Kasturi.  Kudos for this!

Listen to ‘Astrapia’:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Adam Kasturi