ali aiman

Sensually slow, downtempo music hasn’t even been at threat of leaving our rotation hence allow us to share the exhilaration by introducing you another highly talented singer-songwriter by the name of Ali Aiman.

After graduating at Berklee College of Music, served as a music director at Artbarn Community Theatre in Boston and getting signed by DJ Glen Morrison as a producer, Ali Aiman fetches his skills, talent and knowledge to the local indie music scene through his 6-track EP titled ‘Overture’ set to be released soon.

Directed and edited by Mahen Bala, the latest music video for ‘Breathe’ taken from the EP is a brilliantly tender effort full of minimalist beauty – a monochromatic, slow-moving piece that sets up the track neatly, maintaining a hint of relaxing feel in the song which also helps project his airy vocals a little more. The video certainly has that international touch benefited from some skilled cinematography and it’s all accompanied by a grand sense of balance emanates by the surrounding emptiness of the setting. The whole package makes for visually engaging viewing as it complements the haunting and atmospheric audio terrifically.

There’s no shortage of anticipation and we surely will be clamoring for whatever new material Ali Aiman has to offer next meanwhile, check out the video for ‘Breathe’ here if you haven’t already done so.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Ali Aiman