Aman Ra

Crowned as the Most Valuable Poet in a recent hip hop battle TV show in Malaysia, 8TV WORD, Aman Ra used to spit rhymes under the moniker Kraft a couple of years ago and churned out some relative hits like ‘Diamonds’ and ‘I Like Girls’. Since his re-inception, Aman Ra seems to be talking less about the typical ego-driven bling-heavy stereotype that plagues most hip-hop artists, locally and internationally, an almost 180 degree turn from his previous tracks.

Although we’re starting to see this change with a lot of Malaysian hip-hop acts, Aman Ra seems to stand out as he speaks from his sudden realization that hip-hop is really about the message, and not merely about aesthetics.

In “#Pantun100Kerat”, Aman Ra showcases his newly mastered craft in Malay poetry and rhyming, and talks about finding something more than materialism and the struggles of his new view on life. Musically, the track doesn’t use any typical (mainstream) hip hop formula, no featured guest and no distinctive choruses, allowing listeners to focus entirely on his words which speaks volumes.

“Wahyu Diperlukan / Wahyu Diberikan / Kini aku menafsir maksud setiap pengertian”

Another standout track would be “420” which we think is a code word for “self-reflection”, Aman Ra goes further into personifying the rakyat, talking about the struggles from the eyes of kids living in government designated flats / low income housing.

All in all, we think Aman Ra gives a different perspective to hip-hop in Malaysia, and with his lyrical prowess, we’re excited to see what he has to offer next.

Photo via Aman Ra