Singapore-based duo, Aspidistrafly made their way in with a very promising ambient folk music brainstormed by April Lee (composer/vocals/guitar) and Ricks Ang (guitar/producer). Their skills bonded and made up lovely sounds of various assemblages from guitar-based drone to really subtle electronics. Aspidistrafly has toured across many cities in Asia and actively in Japan, lifting spirits of audiences to enjoy music at best along with self-visualizing the storyline behind their songs.

April was the art director for Kitchen. Label, a Singapore/Tokyo-based independent record label and publisher. Along with Ricks, this twosome is also the founders of Kitchen. Label. With April’s expertise, she does all the artworks and films for Aspidistrafly which has also contributed some materials for media art performances and international theatres. Often compared to Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs by music publications worldwide, April’s hushed wispy vocal succeeded the track ‘Landscape With A Fairy’ to be chosen NPR Music’s Song Of The Day in March 2012.


It’s quite hard to express insights on their music accurately. The verdict? You just need to be there in that moment to feel it. Aspidistrafly music floats between senses and give a moment of magic to be filled with imagination. What inspired April to write was some of the most random things like road journeys, antiques, scents etc. Their songs could be the musical therapy to loosen up for a while and putting thoughts into peaceful mind-playing tunes. To simplify the picture, they are quite like something in between Beirut, Daughter or The Album Leaf.

‘A Little Fable’ (2011) is their latest release, furnishing a filmic ambience that could possibly be the soundtrack to some of you who are able to control lucid dreams. Like gas, this soundtrack just goes about, diffusing in air and bringing the mood you would want to undergo. If it’s going to be your first time listening, try and set the mood for them through ‘Homeward Waltz’. Also, if you get a strange “stoned” feeling post-Aspidistrafly album listening, it’s normal.

Decipher Aspidistrafly’s music in your own way here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Aspidistrafly