cashew chemists

Pretty much every one of us needs some rock and roll fix once in a while, no? Hailing from Singapore, Cashew Chemists is a 60s inspired rock and roll band that could be the heal to your worries. Be prepared to get hooked on their super attractive groovy and rhythmic tunes! These men are Yuji (vocals/guitar), Brian (guitar), Elliot (bass) and Zac (drums). The music portrays how they favour strong rhythms along with some fine lyrics enabling audience to happily sing along to their melodies.

Little that you know, this band first started in 2005 as a heavy metal act with a different identification. This transformation happened due to their later discovered mutual love for classic pop rock. After a series of discussions, they started up Cashew Chemists. It might seem a little far-fetched, but their music proved that it’s possible and never too late to do anything to seize your dreams.

cashew chemists

Their debut self-titled EP was released in January 2013 with a total of 6 tracks. We could sense some hints coming from their main influences like The Strokes and The Beatles, also some traces of The Kooks and Kaiser Chiefs. Active involvements in local gigs and shows during their early days might have prepped these guys with a little bit of know-how’s. Reaching to that, these lads furthered their dreams by going on a tour for Singapore Day 2013 in the land down under covering areas of Melbourne and Sydney.

Cashew Chemists still keep a style to formulate their own superlative music with enrichment of classic 60s pop, rock and catchy alternative melodies. The addictive chorus part of ‘What’s The Matter’ got stuck in my head for the whole day (don’t lie if you didn’t face this). If you’re into a lazy summer like feel, try ‘Road Trip’ or a more classic tune, ‘Over You’. Yuji’s Julian Casablancas-ish croons blends along really well with the remarkable guitar riffs. They flow out a contagiously warm and fuzzy feeling through their music which totally brings back the good old days. Not forgetting, their vintage vibe is definitely a crowd-puller.

Listen to Cashew Chemists here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Cashew Chemists