I gave up attempting to search for logical explanations as to why we get addicted to a certain kind of sadness. Anyway..

17-year old Malaysian singer-songwriter with a melancholic persona, Fuzzy brings most of his woes through his music with hoarse, soulful vocals. Tempered by grim mood matched with his folk-epic ballad, he delivers some of his most straightforward lyricism yet, reflecting the introspection of someone twice his age.

Maybe it’s the power-ballad course of his songs that helps create a mood which complements the lyrics without overpowering them. Or maybe it’s the genuine ache in Fuzzy’s voice as he sings lines like “I would act like a stranger to you because I think I am just another piece of poem”. Or maybe it’s the vocal harmonies that speak directly to your heart, allowing listeners to see similarities in the sentiment. Either way, Fuzzy pours his misery down on his music with an immense amount of conviction.

No holds barred on these demo tracks. Let them slowly bring you in and at the end release you;

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Fuzzy