Named after a little white island that was disputed between two neighbouring countries for years, it seemed only ironically fitting to name this collaborative album after it. It started off from a number of random but fruitful meetings between the two artists who soon turned their sessions into a full length EP with 6 enthralling tracks that compliments each other’s own theme. It was only a matter of time for punk folk singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor who pioneered and popularised the lo-fi folk scene in Malaysia to collaborate with Hell Low, the Singaporean doom folk singer whose melancholia folk style seemed only all too fitting to go along with Azmly’s own flow.

The two meet late 2012, where Hell Low was the opening act for Azmyl’s stopover in Singapore where the duo later began work between drinks and rant sessions. A full EP was soon recorded and produced by Ronnie Khoo (of Furniture) at his home studio ‘Stickylights’ between November 2013 and March 2014. It somehow is the perfect of example of unity held by each nation while still acknowledging the tension that once existed between the borders. Each song crafted to tribute love, loss and living in each own respective country with it wraps up with the hope each singer has for the future.

The two have since started their tour staring down south and soon working their way up. You can get a digital copy of their album on their bandcamp site or for the more romantic few out there, there’s limited release in its full glory on cassette.

The Pedra Branca Tour Dates

April 19 – Gem Bar II, Singapore

April 20 – Independent Archive and Research Centre, Singapore

April 26 – TBC, George Town, Penang

April 27 – Khizanat, Ipoh, Perak

April 29 – Merdekarya, Petaling Jaya

April 30 – Pisco Bar, Kuala Lumpur

May 1 – Laundry Bar, Mutiara Damansara

Listen to the entire EP, below:

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Hell Low & Azmyl Yunor