We’re sharing the excitement along with proud parent SYNDICATE Singapore, for finally releasing the debut for latest signing under them, Intriguant. With his DJing bits and tricks, Louis Quek has finally discovered his musical world together with some personal skills of becoming self-producer  / sound designer for Intriguant. This marks his growth from who earlier known as Intrigue, playing all kinds of hip hop and funk DJ jaunts.

“Carefully crafted to form cinematic pieces like a soundtrack for a yet-to-be-made sci-fi movie” – well described by SYNDICATE itself. Finely fused, this 5-track debut album ‘Ellipse’ creates audiovisual perspective-like melody full of electronic experimental, bass and beats. The synchronized textures of all the elements manage to create a futuristic feel.

What’s more to this album is the tracks went through a proper arrangement to approve ‘the feel’. Going through the first track down to the last one is like a story plot. This experimental electronic producer has also worked on a few good remixes.  Intriguant’s single ‘Chance of Coins’, adds a tinge of violins featuring Kim Eun Hyung. Other than that, all songs from ‘Ellipse’ were composed by Louis himself.

Drain yourself into Intriguant’s sensation here:



by Farah Azahar
Photo via Intriguant