“I am an expropriator of production means.”

“I am a liberator of border and state.”

“I am ungovernable, unsullied.”

Taken off “I am” from their recently released EP “Kewujudan”, you can tell this fellas aren’t messing around. Good ol strong wordplay is generously spread throughout their 5 songs which they themselves released for free. “We, Kebulur believe there are no needs for copyrights and appreciation of art is free” well, thank you guys. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to go through their lyrics which for me stand out amongst other things.

Well it states that they only officially made their Facebook page in 2012 but I’m pretty sure these childhood friends have been playing together for much longer. Their quick-paced d-beat music now sounds more polished than even with plenty of shows along the way that have provided ample amounts of practice. Watch their early performances and compare it with their current set and you’ll definitely see more confidence with stronger stage presence along with a tighter more unified madness to their sound.

Their lead vocalist’s harsh voice melts well with its hardcore beat based drumming, which all sorts out pretty well into an audibly-load form of anger and angst. Must’ve been because they came straight out of Putrajaya. Have a listen here, follow them on Facebook then go on to one of their gigs.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Kebulur