leslie low

This brief introduction of Leslie doesn’t do the man and his portfolio justice but alas we have a word count to abide by and nobody reads past 140 characters anyway right?  People started paying attention when he and a few schoolmates decided to put in a few extra hours playing together, which then soon lead to the formation of indie folk band called Humpback Oak. Now usually, when you put a bunch of school boys together you’ll expect the worst but this fellas gained an audience pretty quickly and were soon winning awards while touring Singapore.

Then as focuses changed and new adventures to seek out, the band split leaving Leslie with a brand new band, The Observatory in 2001. Now I’m trying to keep this short but how am I supposed to when they’re now considered one of the most forward thinking bands in the region? You couldn’t directly put your finger on a type cast for this band but a great deal of it is to do with the fact that Leslie is in it. Experiments with sounds and new musical notions certainly seems to be his forte.

leslie low

He says early on in his childhood he would hear his mom sing, a hell of a performer herself, it must have had  unintentional influence on him leading up to all past musical endeavours and currently this. His brand new 9-track album “No Such Thing as Ghosts” was made up mostly while he was touring with the band, sounds like he’s paying a visit to his past, a different self as he puts it. The few that we’ve heard certainly sound like some of his earlier stuff which for the few who knew and grew up listening to would appreciate while for the newcomers like myself, it’s a proper schooling into song-writing, music-making and creating something that sticks.

The album is now available for pre-order with three tracks that are freely streamable while the complete album only comes out early September this year.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Leslie Low