Asserting their music as an antidote for rainy days, sleepless nights, mournful moments, lovelorn phases and sleepy mornings is actually a compelling statement to summarize whole musical milieu of this Indo-Malaysian indie rock band, Lightcraft. Formed nearly a decade ago, they have recorded their sophomore ‘Colours Of Joy’ back and forth in KL and Jakarta and launched early this year. The album includes 11 tracks ranging from the melodious sounds of joy and sorrow.

Their endeavour in landing themselves in indie rock slash pop experimental genus was propped with elements of heart-rending lyrics and sensible hybrid ingredients. Dreamy atmospheric sounds fill the air in ‘Colours Of Joy’ while letting you travel track by track into an affecting experience. This album seems to put forward melancholy and brittleness compared to their debut ‘Losing Northern Lights’ released a while back in 2008 which was more ranged.


Kicking off with its intro, ‘If You Don’t Mind’ illustrates the idea of the whole album. Resuming with ‘Amazing Grace’, the pleasing noise blends in with soft husky vocals from its frontman Iman Mbudz. The last few tracks, ‘Starlit Eyes’, ‘Living In Words And Letters’ and ‘Hello Goodbye’ however appear more hopeful and upbeat, incorporating unique elements of sounds. Silky and adequate, Lightcraft sure has its own way of setting an outlook to their blissful sounds.

Naming Coldplay and Snow Patrol as some of their influences, their songs could also do the trick for fans of Death Cab For Cutie or The Boxer Rebellion. Along with the lush-filled sentimental content, it sounded more like a scenic anthem which we think could potentially become a part of your love song mixtape or better yet, a romantic movie soundtrack. Lightcraft has performed during Baybeats recently, catching the hearts of audience with fondness of an alternative fairly downbeat music.

Listen to ‘Colours Of Joy’:

Here’s ‘Lupa’, taken off their debut: 

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Lightcraft