Jakarta’s indie rock band, Marsh Kids are without a doubt scrutinizing round a few unexpected turns. Their latest single, ‘Inclination’ taken off their debut full-length album set to be released soon, ‘The Many Failings of Bugsy Moonblood’ is a high-octane blend of tornado pop and flamboyant rock; strutting rock and roll with power blues. The band comprises of names that are no stranger in the independent music scene – S.Pramudita of Tigapagi (vocals), Billy Saleh and G. Rahmadeva of Polka Wars (guitar/drums), B. Tobing of San Teletone (bass), Drs. F. Achmar of Sore (vocal, guitar, melodica) and M.Fahri of the musical project, Duckdive (synth, keyboards). The new record is lyrically subtle and the riffs and succinct vocals are refreshing which serve as a cheery filler. A treat.

Have a listen here:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Marsh Kids