Currently residing in Hong Kong, Manila-born dude Joon Guillen has been working on music under the advisory of Number Line Records since few years back. Joon has also been in some local bands back when he was still in Philippines such as Outerhope, Fish Trio, We Kick Ass for the Lord and Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.

Modulogeek is his alter-ego who fuses electronica, along with some hints of experimental, pop and rock together with his partner that made everything in mixing/mastering tunes possible – the monome controller. The tunes from this multi-instrumentalist man create a visualization of happy youngsters, arcade and video games. Joon has worked on few remixes and has featured Slow Hello, Team Bahopants and Yibo Hu in his first self-titled album launched early this year.


Going through his album, previous EPs and samples, Modulogeek sounds like a space melody which was added a great cyborg-ish beats. The companion of 8-bit elements creates a more synth-pop playground sound. Speaking of which, Modulogeek sounds slightly hyper in a good way. The whole outlook of his album was like an orchestra, well arranged with some glitches and microsound. New age experiences for musicians like Modulogeek sure have inspired them to be more dynamic to break the ground rules of electronic experimental being plain ‘ol minimalist.

Even though there is a lot of component mixing, there’s still one constant structure that made Modulogeek sounds one-off. Might have taken influences from Tycho or Cashmere Cat, this soi-disant geek pinches surprises throughout your listening experience. His primarily instrumental album presents 11 tracks that starts off with ‘A Post Rock Intro’ warm up that opens up curtains to get you all set up for the journey. If you’re looking to wallow in some bright beats, try ‘Evantown’ and ‘For The Bleeps’.

Commit some visual memory from Modulogeek audios here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Modulogeek