mondo gascaro

With a clear idea in mind, Mondo Gascaro left Jakarta’s indie music icon SORE to create his own musical path. His recently debuted first single, ‘Saturday Light’ which was aired on 30 radio stations last August has gotten as much appreciation as it should, applauding Mondo’s innovative sound and new musical direction. In retrospect, the track gives a breezy, swingy vocal performance for his solo that could light up any mood at any time of day. Although to a certain degree some might say the composition of the track is reminiscent of SORE, it has enough startling uniqueness and merit that compels listeners to remain enthused by Mondo’s effort to exercise his musical creativity and harboring his passion for music through this single. We’re not disappointed.

Have a listen for yourself here:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Mondo Gascaro