noh salleh

Dabbling into solo territory has seemed to bring good tidings for member of indie alternative bands, Hujan and Da Vagabonds, Noh Salleh who has recently released a brand new 6-track full EP – Angin Kencang which showcases Noh’s almost complete creative dominance as a producer, experienced songwriter and a talented vocalist.

This latest accompanying video of Noh’s hit single ‘Angin Kencang’ carries a gusty impression resonates in the track. Minimal editing and shots were utilized, brilliantly captures the images and reflections of a man taking a lonesome trip farther down the streets of Nagoya with nothing but his guitar in hopes to leave daily troubles behind while at the same time seek closure where the pathway ends.

There’s a running ambiance of missing someone as it encompasses folksy riff, slow groove and wistful lyrics quickly turning this song into an ultimate road song for its restless melodies.

Give it a watch here:

‘Angin Kencang’ full EP is available to purchase on iTunes!

by Izyan Liyana