Go Gerila! has finally released a video clip for the title track from their debut offering “Blackbox”. With the album being released in June 2013, it’s safe to say that this video clip is long overdue. Nonetheless, realizing that any kind of promotion and publicity is imminent, the Blackbox video clip is now ready to be viewed and hopefully garner some attention. As a wise man once said “A good song cannot be killed, get your f***ing video clip done for God’s sake!”

Blackbox has the same kind of weird feel to it as their first video “Perjalanan”. The stories may be independent of one another, but both centers around a rather confused post-puberty girl who somehow finds herself caught in a Go Gerila! video clip every time she experiences emotional disturbances. Honestly, that’s what it is. For the song itself, it’s about reaching out to god through your prayers. How does these two make sense? Well, enjoy the video.

You can purchase Blackbox and other Go Gerila!’s songs on Itunes here.