Indie pop blog SEA Indie has just released their latest free download compilation, this time focusing on the Malaysian indie scene. Titled Mighty Melody, the compilation features a pretty wide range of pop sounds, from the classic sounds indie pop to the mighty crunch of power pop, the swirling jangle of shoegaze, acoustic pop and more. With a tracklisting that includes our favourites like Nicestupidplayground, Furniture, Ferns, Couple, Love/Comes, Yuna, Khottal, The Hollows and more, this promises to be one mightily melodic compilation indeed.

Download the compilation for free from SEA Indie. (Unfortunately, they’re defunct now 😢)

Here’s the full tracklisting:

01. Love/Comes – His Gesture of Love
02. Nicestupidplayground – Stereo Girl
03. The Drives – Friday Saturday Sunday
04. Yuna – Backpacking Around World
05. Furniture – Once Set In Stone
06. Couple – Lagu Cinta Untukmu
07. Liyana Fizi – This Feeling
08. Ferns – Miss Stormcloud
09. Romancesa – Woody
10. Crashin’ Butterfliez – Long Wait
11. Wani Ardy – You
12. Khottal – Against Tomorrow
13. The Hollows – Silent
14. Poppy – Beautiful
15. The Fridays – Pavillion Is For Losers
16. The Sofa Sessions – Nobody Else


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