It is acknowledged that by now the name Noh Salleh of Malaysian indie alternative rock band Hujan and member of Da Vagabonds is no stranger in the local independent music scene. Earlier this March, he has released a brand new single, “Angin Kencang”, for his solo project. We love how “Angin Kencang” takes you back to the heart of the golden oldies of the 60s that stood the test of time (Beatles/John Lennon, Beach Boys, Kinks, Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits) when tight harmonies and infectious melodies reigned.

Written solely by Noh himself, the track swiftly pulls you up into the air for a quick ride. Whether you’re driving across the country, down the road or relaxing at the pad on a windy day (well uh, of course), “Angin Kencang” crafts a smooth melody that flows around you, allowing you to drift away and pass the time. The fun mood and carefree vibe created by the seductive vocals would lead you to believe that this sing-a-long wasn’t about heartache and missing someone, but it is.

The track has all the necessary ingredients for a temporary pain-relief which provides a delicate yet joyful feel, perfect for cheering you up on any occasion.

Noh’s solo project seems to be kicking it up a notch and it goes without saying. Can’t wait for more materials from this ingenious man.

Listen to his latest single “Angin Kencang” here and flail around the air if you have to!

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Noh Salleh