Payung Teduh

Fans who appreciate a splash of 1960’s classic tunes, ‘keroncong’ (Portuguese-tinged Indonesian pop) and jazz have likely already been clued into Indonesia’s underground folk quartet, Payung Teduh whose unique and soulful sound have earned them recognition specifically through their debut, ‘Angin Pujaan Hujan’.

Initially, the band was formed in 2007 by two longtime bros, Is (guitar/vocals) and Comi (bass). After playing duo for some time, it was necessary for them to improve their exploration in their music as well as improving their stage performance thus the recruitment of Cito (drums) and Ivan (guitalele) in 2010.

Early in the group’s career, they have written numerous songs such as ‘Kucari Kamu’, ‘Amy’ and ‘Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan’. They’ve also performed songs written by a colleague/mentor, Catur Ari Wibowo, director of Pagupon Theater that wrote songs such as ‘Resah’, and ‘Cerita Tentang Gunung dan Laut’. Amalia Puri, a good friend of them, also contributed in writings songs like ‘Malam’ and ‘Tidurlah’. Payung Teduh then recorded these tracks and released their first self-titled album in late 2010 that received fairly positive reviews and accomplished in making their way with varying degrees of success through various gigs and festivals such as the renowned Big Sound Festival in Jakarta, sharing the stage with highflying bands like The Radio Dept, Delphic and British rock band, The Kooks.

Payung Teduh

Payung Teduh is often credited with having musical versatility as their sound is not confined to just one genre. Instead, their sounds drew from a variety of musical influences including Jeff Buckley, Jack White, Norah Jones, The Avett Brothers etc.; seamlessly mix blues grooves and jazzy rhythms into complex melodies grounded in local traditions.

Following the release of their album ‘Dunia Batas’ later in 2012, having tracks filled with rich harmonies, simultaneously soft and dramatic, and profoundly personal, the band began to attract increasing attention within Southeast Asia and are more than prepared to cycle their way into the indie music circuit as one of Indonesia’s most influential bands!

Have a listen to a couple of soothing tracks by Payung Teduh here and set yourself into different moods;

P/S: Do not let your hearts be troubled…

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Payung Teduh