Puti Chitara

Puti Chitara’s solo project profile started back during her return to Jakarta from finishing a four-year comparative musicology study in Japan. This Jakarta-based artist writes and records her own materials in her bedroom as a beginning to her career before finding out that she actually belongs to in the scene. During her early days, she even writes songs in Japanese aside from Indonesian and English. Along with her supportive bunch of friends who assist her in a band, together they perform with a hope that everyone will be able to listen and appreciate the feel of their music.

Growing up in a musical surrounding, Puti plays the piano and showed her passion in singing at a very young age. This classically trained musician/singer even participates in stage activities to live her dreams within that period. Puti Chitara’s began to sing and play music during her university days which received an overwhelming response, leading her to further her talent in making more quality melodies when she returned to Jakarta. She has been nominated for ‘Best Overall Female Act’ representing Indonesia in Southeast Asia VIMA 2013. Another brilliant daughter of Demajors, Puti has released her debut ‘Sarsaparilla Dream’ last March.

Puti Chitara

Often inspired by the oldies music played by her parents such as Carpenters, Bread, Badfinger, Pilot and also some recent Japanese music such as Utada Hikaru, she brings infectious pop tunes to our ears which we couldn’t resist but to swing along to its beats. The echoes added to her vocals in some songs give a wonderful sensation together with her words on love and life. She shows attention more on dream pop based songs, highlighting the feel of smooth classics and folk. Along with the acoustic guitar-driven tunes, piano, violins and percussions, we adore how she puts life into a simple classical pop experience while adding a dream-like aura filling the space. Puti Chitara’s well balanced music becomes an ear candy for those who fancy a little joy on partly cloudy noons.

Listen to Puti Chitara here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Puti Chitara