Slow Hello

Unlike any other bands that chuck themselves into similar musical style, this Filipino outfit managed to travel me back to the days of slow pop era, slotting in a super smooth sweetness and twist of electronica pop. Slow Hello’s debut album “Audio Baby”, imprinted by Number Line Records made its way in on February this year with a total of 11 tracks.

Little that you know, Slow Hello was originally a solo project by their lead, Selena Slang (vocals / guitar), before she got the idea of forming this indie pop band along with Marc Inting on bass, Erwin Hilao on drums and Russ Davis on guitar.

Feeding my ears with their tracks has got me through some different phases of emotion. Some tracks are perfect for a drizzly day while some are good for an all year long summer-feel. Another great thing is, ordinarily, love songs will either sound too sappy, dull or it might be extremely mushy. Fortunately this doesn’t apply to their hit single “You Know It’s You”. I could feel that there’s more than just gazing into a pair of starry eyes, the sentimentality in this track is present and placed convincingly. This single is also more laid-back compared to others. Another song I got hooked to would be “Cold Turkey”.

Slow Hello

It’s indigenous how they maintain the nostalgic melodies in their tracks, but still dare to fool around with the way they approach emotions. Adding to that, the harmonically-steady vocals of Selena unifies the smooth sound of their songs. Imagine Liyana Fizi during her early days in Estrella, with a bit of influence from Death Cab for Cutie and Teenage Fanclub – yes, these Pinoy kids might remind you of these bands. Slow Hello is definitely an interesting discovery!

Take a moment and have a listen to this awesome band here:

by Farah Azahar
Photos via Slow Hello