whistler post

Thank you Tom, thank you for Myspace and not just becoming our first friend, but for giving hundreds of bands just like this a platform to connect and publish their materials. I’ve lost count as to just how many great regional bands first got going only through creating a Myspace profile. Bands just like Whistler Post from Jakarta first got connected here with other artists and fans were soon on their way to crafting a somewhat 90s inspired shoegaze collection.

It’s like they just left the 90s and it actually sounds pretty refreshing. With so many others trying to stick out or even make a genre for themselves, it’s nice to hear some familiarity. Tucked in nicely between bands like Drop Nineteen, Lush and Velocity Girl from that era, they manage to seamlessly bring out the best from the 90s indie rock scene right into today’s doorstep. It’s a mixmass of musicians as their lead singer Tania who’s also from ‘Clover’ sets a gentle tone to each song while Andi Hans who normally plays with ‘Pandai Besi’ as a bassist is seen here contributing to the songwriting.

After releasing their first self-titled album together last year, they have stayed relatively busy with tours and performances throughout Indonesia. You shouldn’t miss out a chance seeing as to how each member has numerous other musical commitments, I would consider a Whistler Post gig pretty special.

You can check out a few of their tracks which is available on Soundcloud, and if you’re thinking of following them forget about Myspace or even Facebook, they’re only really active on Twitter.

by Mark Joshua
Photo via Whistler Post