killeur calculateur

The burgeoning post-punk band Killeur Calculateur who has been heralding the premiere of much-praised track and music video for ‘Golden Triangle’ during ‘The Ruthless Weekend’ last September has now released their eagerly anticipated 9-track debut album ‘Book Of Flags’ leading up to the release party, The Rebel Journal: 2 this November 8 at Soundmaker Studio, Penang.

‘Book Of Flags’ is an incredibly impressive debut album for its collection of smashed riffs, aggressively assorted noise with bleating vocal while at the same time offering new slants on the post-punk aesthetics. With a possibility of gaining rapturous reviews, this debut album definitely hints that there’ll be great things to come from Killeur Calculateur as a band.

Stream the entire album below:

by Izyan Liyana