In remembrance of the legendary Singaporean-Malaysian songstress that came to prominence in the late 50s until the early 80s, Salmah binti Ismail, better known as Saloma, comes a four-hour long biopic with a star-studded cast including Nabila Huda, Azhan Rani, Tony Eusoff, Sazzy Falak, Sharifah Amani, Julia Ziegler, Amerul Affendi and many others. This upcoming biopic will  be aired in two parts; Saloma: Mencuri Guruh and Saloma: Pandang Kaseh exclusively on Astro First beginning this August 28.

Over the years, Saloma might be overshadowed by P. Ramlee’s fame but little did anyone know of her story. Directed by Saloma’s very own niece, Melissa Saila, the biopic will span Saloma’s entire life – from her childhood, her divorce with first husband A R Tompel, her celebrated marriage with the legendary actor, director, singer, and songwriter, Tan Sri P. Ramlee up to her death in 1983.

In anticipation of the biopic, check out the trailer below: