Jakarta-based indie quartet, SORE has just unveiled their latest single ‘There Goes’ off the upcoming album Los Skut Leboys – first album following the departure of prominent member, Mondo Gascaro who decided to move forward in pursuit of his solo project which is set to release later this year. Written and produced by SORE’s very own Bemby Gusti, ‘There Goes’ fits the musical style of the band well. It’s one of those tracks that has the ability to serve not only as a reminder of the band’s continued brilliance but also the recognizable creative output through albums like Centralismo, SOREALIST and Ports of Lima that have managed to score widespread attention. SORE leans back into a lighter mood yet still firmly rooted in the basics of their genre; maintaining the stripped-down compositions while at the same time infusing jazz and indie elements with precision that are enough to entice listeners. This, of course without disregarding the lukewarm vocals which display sincerity on their own.

The single displays great potential of what we can expect from the eagerly-anticipated upcoming album meanwhile listen to ‘There Goes’ below:

Watch SORE performing live on The Wknd Sessions:

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via SORE