The Impatient Sisters – Exclusive Album Sneak Preview

If there’s one thing that is almost guaranteed once a band reaches a certain degree of career trajectory, it would be an album launch. Recently much-loved trio The Impatient Sisters, teased fans with an exclusive sneak preview of their long-awaited album that certainly set the indie music scene abuzz with anticipation.

The 11-track blend of folk and acoustic pop-driven compilation is a strange hallucinogenic mix and everything we have come to expect from the band, with a taste of something fresh and heartwarming. While The Impatient Sisters count many aficionados among their fan base with their notable performances at almost every significant event, they often find themselves experiencing a revelation.

Undoubtedly, the gifted sisters have been widely praised by music lovers and adored musicians alike and this debut album stands up to this praise proudly. Continue to refine their sparse, improvised and dynamic sound as they have done throughout the time, the trio has finally seen the light of day through this debut and one thing we can say, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Save the date, The Impatient Sisters are having their album launch on June 21st. Meanwhile, listen to the album teaser here:

The Impatient Sisters – Exclusive Album Sneak Preview

Watch them perform live on The Wknd Sessions here

by Izyan Liyana