lion city underground

For something posted more than a year ago its view hits definitely doesn’t match its value but regardless it’s still worth its weight in gold. It’s a vivid look at Singapore’s underground scene, from the inside out with interviews for random jaywalkers to the people who were in it from the start and are still currently active till this day.

This 12-minute documentary which was originally done as a project by two students that were trying to look into the misunderstood underground music scene which still faces stereotypes till today as well as the uphill battles many of them faced early on. Bless this two because it might actually help the people who don’t understand what the hell is going on realize that it’s not Satan worshipping and blood sacrifices behind all that screaming. And of course, it’s always a good thing when there’s proper documentation on a subject that seems to be disregarded or looked over by others.

lion city underground

A notable feature on this documentary is prominent flag bearer Suhaimi Subandie who was/still is Stompin’ Ground’s guitarist which was one of the first few hardcore bands to generate traction in Singapore. His recollections along with opinions from others such as gig organizers, band members, journalists and various other figures managed to serve up a heartful serving into one little bite-sized portion. This gentle look at the hardcore scene will definitely surprise a few who don’t know as well as reinstate a love for the local scene. So if you got a bit of time and an ounce curiosity, the video’s below. Wonder if they got an A.

by Mark Joshua