True to the nature of folk music, Francis Wolf sings as ‘Joe Public’, for the ‘Joe Public’. Singing things familiar and relatable, Wolf and his music are connected and very attached to life in general, and life particularly to the context of living in Malaysia. A singer songwriter that isn’t merely confined to the high end acoustic walls of upscale restaurants cum music venue, Wolf was himself a regular face in the underground gigs of…


Not your typical vanilla flavoured run-of-the-mill girl band, The Impatient Sisters writes and sings expressive tunes with bouts of romantic depth, blending together quirky soul and folk-pop to create a unique flavour.


Imran mirrors his name and along with that the sounds that he is popularly known for, the tight and thumping localized pop punk of One Buck Short, to sing his personal compositions, with guitar in hand, as Narmi.


Originally from Kota Kinabalu, Jerome Kugan, a poet, singer songwriter and gig organiser, started to actively play music in the local circuit back in 2000, after returning from Australia and relocating to KL


As with a whole lot of things here in KL, we discovered Diandra Arjunaidi through word of mouth. This 18 year old bedroom songstress uploaded some covers on Youtube, and that got digested pretty well by a lot of people.


Traffic jams, the news, chronic clumsiness, and the female species are about some of things that inspire local singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, who has a penchant for writing catchy, witty as well as dark and melancholic, heart-felt songs.


Raw and stripped down acoustic, independent folk singer-songwriter Meor is truly a veteran, writing and performing Malay songs in the local art scene from as early as 1984.