Silampukau - Live at Buka Panggung, 19/1/2019

The Wknd kicked off its 2019 music programming calendar with Buka Panggung, a modular showcase event held at Bentley Music Auditorium in Mutiara Damansara. Read the full post-event report here.

Presenting our first showcase of 2019: Buka Panggung! Headlined by Indonesian artiste Silampukau, with Malaysian indie darlings NJWA, Deepset, The Impatient Sisters and Milo Dinosaur as the supporting acts. Will you be there?

Written in honour of Soundscapes’ tenth year, this is writer Phang Khuan Hoong’s recollection of hanging out with significant contributors to music, Mak Wai Hoo of Soundscapes Records, and Taka, lead guitarist of Mono.