The Wknd Sessions


Studio and live sessions dedicated to Malaysian and S.E.A artists

Atmospheric, emotive and full of vibrant energy – their music really sucks you in. At once grandiose and down-to-earth, Mutesite exudes effortless charisma on stage that takes shoegazing postrock and turns it on its toes.

It’s hard to nail The Farrah down to any specific genre of music. We think, perhaps, their main intention is to focus on making music, and take it a step ahead as an art form rather than just something you hear on radio.

Popscene has been active in and around the local Johor music scene since 2014, with their own blend of Brit Pop and shoegaze. Find out what makes them tick in our exclusive interview.

We love that lo-fi aesthetic in Muck’s music, which still manages to retain a melodic appeal. This combo makes them feel authentic, lovable and down-to-earth; some may even say that it’s the “sound” of Ipoh.

SOFT puts together one brutal assault of music, a sonic wall that slams right up to your face and knocks you out. They’re definitely NOT like their namesake.