Chill-lah #1: Borak Tentang Indie Rock @ Menora Tusyen, Bercham, Ipoh, 5/3

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After Wayang Rabak #1 which happened about 2 weeks ago, the good people at Projek Rabak is back with another event called Chill-lah #1. This inaugural instalment will have a sort of discussion on what ‘indie rock’ means, with hardcore indie rock fans from Ipoh like Kujoy (of the bands¬†Muck and Chewbacca) and Amir Tajuddin leading the discussion. Also part of the programme will be readings and acoustic performances from Riduan A. Dullah, Seyn, Amir Fazel and Haziq Pratama, and there will also be a preview listening session of new songs from Ipoh indie rockers Harmacy and Shizuka.

The event starts at 1pm on Saturday, 5th March 2011 at Menora Tusyen, 222A & 224A Jalan Bercham (next to BSN Bercham), Taman Ria, Ipoh. Admission is free. Check out the event’s Facebook page for more details.

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