Interview: Faiq And The Manja Mob

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We managed to squeeze in a few questions for the band, Faiq And The Manja Mob before playing their first major show at Good Vibes Festival 2014 this Saturday, August 23.

faiq and the manja mob

1) Despite being fairly new, Faiq And The Manja Mob is lighting up the local scene one show at a time. How has the acceptance from the crowd been like thus far?
We’ve had a lot of fun in our shows and the crowd has actually been really great… or maybe our friends and families just whoop and clap louder than everyone else. We usually tend to lose the crowd whenever Faiq tells a joke onstage.

2) You describe yourself as a whimsical cover band? How so?
All five of us have very different tastes in music (except for the unifying appreciation for the band Slipknot), so a lot of people have described our sets and song choices to be quite diverse and that’s how we like it. It’s like when a friend introduces a new band to you, that you’ve never heard of and liking it… or not liking it.

3) How did the band come together and what was the genesis for the band’s name, ‘The Manja Mob’?
It was a joke that went too far. Faiq got offered a gig at Merdekarya, with no basis of having ever played or performed as a musician before so he freaked out and called Khairi and Amanda because they apparently had gig experience, and then Khairi freaked out and called Abel and Rashid because he realised that neither Faiq nor Amanda could actually play their instruments properly. I don’t know why we’re called “The Manja Mob” though, none of us know.

4) There’s only so much a cover band can do, what do you think gives your band that extra sparkle which sets you apart from other cover bands?
We don’t consciously try and figure out what sets us apart. We basically started doing covers coz we needed to play our first gig in a couple of weeks and no way did we ever have time to write any songs, or be an actual real band. Given some time, we’ve now got some of our own songs now, not that it really matters either. We just play whatever we want, as long as it’s fun for us.

5) The birth of the band typically started with a random idea formed out of thin air. With other career you guys are holding individually, does forming a band seem like a good idea at the time?
I don’t know if anything we do is a good idea.

6) What do you guys think each of you brings/contributes to the band?
Faiq sings and plays the ukulele, Amanda sings and plays the ukulele, Rashid sings and plays the guitar, Abel sings and plays the guitar and Khairi likes to dance.

7) There is a distinctive soulfulness to the band’s sound. Who are your major influences?
Our major influences are Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and Blink 182.

8) ‘Versus Robert Dudley’ was the band’s first original song and since then you’ve started writing your own materials. When did you figure it’s time for that transition and why?
It wasn’t our first original song actually. We have two others written before that. Maybe people think it’s our first song coz Faiq made a genius video for it and put it up on youtube. We have like FIVE original songs already! There’s no reason why, it’s just that some of us bothered to write some songs.

9) Faiq And The Manja Mob will be playing their first festival for Good Vibes Festival 2014. How do you feel about that and in what way do you think it’s going to affect the development of the band?
Not sure, we’re just happy that we didn’t have to pay for Good Vibes tickets and get to go to the festival for free.

Thank you.

Check out the band’s Facebook page for more info.

Interviewed by Izyan Liyana
Photo via Faiq And The Manja Mob