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[Free Download] Recordings of scale: a mini music showcase

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scale is a mini music showcase of mini music instruments produced for PJ Live Arts and The Wknd Sessions, with the support of Commas&Industry, Baconroll Handmade and I Love Snackfood.

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Recorded live at PJ Live Arts, Petaling Jaya on the 1st of April 2012, featuring:

  • Azmyl Yunor (Ballad of Mat Som, Flesh, Makan Gaji)
  • Shh.. Diam! (Bathroom, The Only Jiwang Song We Will Ever Sing)
  • The Impatient Sisters (Comets And Stars, Love, The Ark)
  • Ezra Zaid (Lisztomania (Phoenix cover), That Okay Song)
  • ‘Stinky Poodle’ (In My Mind, Stinky Poodle, This Little Ukulele)

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[l2g name=”Download Scale April 2012 (62.5MB)” id=”6622″]