+2db – Get Lucky / Doin’ It Right

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Get Lucky / Doin' It Right (Daft Punk Cover)

A few months after Daft Punk’s acclaimed debut of “Get Lucky”, you have either reached the point of loving it or hating it. Undeniably a great tune, but obviously overplayed due to excessive excitement over the hugely anticipated comeback of the infamous masked duo.

With the music blogosphere filled to the brim with good yet predictable covers of Get Lucky, nothing seemed to stand out anymore. Besides the phenomena of George Barrett’s extraordinary take on the song, another cover that I thought was so pleasantly surprising is by local favorite synth darlings and haunting electronica duo; +2db. Not just covering Get Lucky, the duo also took on “Doin’ It Right”, another track off of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Their two in one cover is possibly the most unique rendition I’ve heard out of all the rest there are out there, all of which I just pressed the “next” button most of the time.

Made distinct by heavy synths and haunting vocals, their cover has even reached the famous San Fransisco-based music blog Indie Shuffle, giving way for +2db to reach an international platform. Outsiders who will listen to this track for the first time will most probably get the impression of artists like Daughter, Purity Ring, James Blake, and perhaps even XXYYXX.

If you are keen on exploring more sounds from +2db, follow them on their Facebook and Soundcloud page.

by Hazlinda Elina