+2dB and VMPRMYTH, flag bearers of the live electronica scene in Kuala Lumpur

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Let the guard buzz you in, go through the door behind his desk, down the smokeway then down some flight of stairs and you’ve reached what could possibly be KL’s most undisclosed foxhole UNDER9. You couldn’t have picked a better setting for a joint album launch, under the NB4T series brought by our mates at JUICE KL, being that +2dB & VMPRMYTH are still regarded as underground music makers.

+2dB – +

Yea it’s their debut album and all but you’ll be surprised at how polished and well put together it sounds with 8-tracks to prove my point. Really these ladies have set the bar pretty high for not only themselves but for everyone else in the electronica / darkwave genre; which is brilliant, start strong and keep going. Just wander through the album and you’ll find that ‘Islands’ is that dead on track that correctly represents the dues dark haunting sound and while on the other hand, bonus feature ‘Totem’ (prod. By Darren Ashley) shows how versatile they can be with Darren’s more vivid & expressive electric touch making it stand out from the rest of the album. On a whole, this EP proves that you should definitely keep your social radar marked on these two cause they’ll be sure to making more waves in near distant future.



Clocking in about 30 plus-ish minutes, Vmprmyth 10-track album ‘HEROINe’ also dropped a couple of days back proving he’ll have his way with his own Experimental Electronica. Well you can call it experimental when he’s got the use of the tablas on his last track “Rose” and other various assortments that isn’t exactly norm around here. AND yes you do get people who compare his style with Flying Lotus and well honestly you do get hints of it but it’s that mixmash that works. Little things like that give the album great replay value with every repeat you take in a little extra of what he put into.

A special mention needs to be made to all the amazing artists who came and performed alongside that night who also undoubtable deserve your unconditional curiosity. Pastel lite and Darren Ashley, Reddi Rocket, Jenatones, Like Silver. Oh and Nero One for the incredible visuals at the venue and All Is Amazing for the incredible photographs which you can check out on his Facebook page.

by Mark Joshua
Photos via +2dB, and VMPRMYTH