BFM’s That Music Show (Merdeka Special)

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BFM That Music Show - Merdeka Edition 2013

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been invited by the producer of That Music Show over at BFM Radio, a weekend program that focuses on dissecting and sharing a wide range of music selection from eclectic tunes to 60’s Malayan pop beat and pop hits.

For this Merdeka edition, Ali Johan, Fikri Fadzil, and Azam Hisham touched about the start of popular music in Malaya (now Malaysia and Singapore), and key figures and artists that they feel have made an impact in the local (Malayan) context.

Our selection for this edition:

1. Ahmad CB – Tanggal 31

2. P. Ramlee – Dari Masa Hingga Masa

3. R. Azmi – Hitam Manis

4. R. Azmi – Nasib Penyanyi

5. M. Bakri – Malaysia Baru

6. Ismail Haron – Bersedia

7. Saloma – Jelingan Mata

Bonus Track 1: Mamula Moon

Bonus Track 2: I. Laili – Chinta Karena Mimpi

Listen to the full podcast for the banter and more insight into the subject.