Carburetor Dung – Yr Righteous Fukk

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Ever since their formation in the early 90s, we doubt that they ever expected themselves to be as legendary as they are now in the underground scene here in Malaysia. With their current lineup, made up of Alak, Bullet, Joe Kidd, Fendi and Tom, they are still alive, kicking and jabbing the scene with their brand of punk rock.

Now that they are working on a new EP, ‘Yr Righteous Fukk!’ stands as the first among the 4 songs that are going down in the EP. This rough mix version of this fast-paced and loud track just show that they still got what it takes to remain prominent in the punk scene. Kicked-off with oozes of solo guitar line, the rest along the way just comes to you abruptly. So now what you can do is to boost up the volume and immerse into the loudness by Carburetor Dung’s ‘Yr Righteous Fukk!’.

by Awin Roslin