Cloud Behind, Thai indie scene’s fine fleur

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We’ve taken music beyond language barriers in order to continuously unearth another hidden treasure of Southeast Asia’s indie music scene. This time round, we have ‘Cloud Behind’ in spotlight, a freshly-minted 5-piece band from the Thai indie scene’s fine fleur. Within a minute of listening to their single, ‘Dawn (ลาฝัน)’, we were taken in by the band’s well-honed sound and their mix of shoegaze and dream pop that seems almost unforced.

This five-minute long track is a lovely hazy synth pop wonder that sails along on layers of dreamy synthesizers, soothing and hushed vocals, romantic fuzzy guitar-playing, psychedelic texture and warm beats. Overall, the track conveys a melancholic mood that radiates an atmosphere that gets your attention and puts you through your own paces without compromise, much like a flowing dreamscape.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo Via Cloud Behind