Dogfightt – Dogfightt

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Dogfightt’s 2020 demo totally flew under our radar (and, presumably, most of yours), what with everything going on in the world back then. So we’re glad that Bollocks Records has rectified that by releasing it on 7″.

Dogfightt plays a heavily hard rock and heavy metal-influenced take on punk rock, with infectious riffing, wild guitar solos, and screeching 90s metal vocals. It’s good fun, and definitely worth checking out if you want hard rock with an even deadlier edge.

Dogfightt features members from Kuala Lumpur punk and metal acts such as Benzoate, Nightwolf, and Pruinosus. The 7″ comes out March 7th and contains the three tracks the band released on Bandcamp plus an instrumental closer.

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