Social “F ∆ U X E” Pas You Should Commit

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If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to place into your musical repertoire, emerging Singapore-based electronic producer/beatmaker, F ∆ U X E is there to hook you up with his atmospheric, downtempo remixes often featured on the prominent music blog, Indie Shuffle. Masks are mysterious and will give you an air of intrigue and that’s exactly how F ∆ U X E is capable to steal your attention by taking on an alternate persona as part of his art like several musicians have been known to. Is it his brand of biting social commentary or a way of pushing back against a society hellbent? Who knows, but F ∆ U X E surely has made quite an impression in the indie music scene.

Last year, his rework of The XX’s ‘Angels’, already a fantastic hit that warrants just as much attention, went viral on Facebook just days before his public appearance at The Pigeonhole’s benefit gig in Singapore, proven there’s room to move a track in another direction with F ∆ U X E’s tender effort and delicate touches in giving the track a rigidity and structure without losing the original’s lightness. His staggering creativity can also be seen through his reimagining of Daughter’s ‘Youth’, (tho may be biased) that ends up retaining the dark, moody vibe of its origin work but injects a touch of energy and hopefulness that grabs ahold of you, depending on your state of mind.


F ∆ U X E has dropped his debut EP, ‘UBUNTU; I AM BECAUSE WE ARE’ under Phyla Digital record label and several other EPs throughout the years; a stunning growth that signifies his maturity and brilliance in which has been met with plenty of praise and satisfaction, fitted with tracks that strike a smart balance between effortless tunes and over-thought melancholia. Give it a spin and see for yourself.

Head to Phyla’s official Bandcamp to stream the rest of the debut EP, ‘UBUNTU; I AM BECAUSE WE ARE’. For more of his work, check out his Facebook page.

by Izyan Liyana
Photo via F ∆ U X E