Future Collective

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future collective

Future Collective is an indietronica duo from Jakarta consisting of two members – Sawi Liew and Tida Wilson who both have distinct personal compliance on electronic music projects. Embracing their opus to a new level, they tend to highlight the element of retro-futurism in this duo music project, making it seems less cliché and appealing enough for those who favour the best out of retro and futuristic electronic music combined.

Initially puzzled with their dark kaleidoscope-like ambience, they highlight the 60s elements with strong influences of spacepop merged with captivating synth and some pop-cultural references. To make it easier for you to imagine, at first their music catches a smoothly slow rhythm and seconds later you catch your feet moving to the build up of its immediately likeable and catchy beats. To highlight some must-listen tracks, we choose ‘South Subversive Rhythm’ and ‘Delusion Of Dreams’.

future collective

Although at one peek their music seems a bit mysterious, their beats are actually super chill and somehow fit to be the kind of music that guides our nerves to a thrilling experience. Along with the fusion of old school yet futuristic beats, Future Collective puts up their hauntology influence at best, bringing a playful yet mystifying nostalgic approach. Also, their eccentric melodies would suit those who enjoy listening to Stereolab or Belbury Poly.

Check out Future Collective’s music here:

by Farah Azahar
Photo via Future Collective