Go Gerila! launches new album, ‘Blackbox’

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Go Gerila! launches new album, 'Blackbox'

Though each one of the members are in pursuit of reaching their own music career dreams, Go Gerila! has always been the platform for them to assemble each bits and pieces of their respective music ideology and creativity. Comprising Aizat Amdan, brother Anas Amdan, Amir Jahari, lead guitarist Ashroff Shariff, Ruviyamin Ruslan (Ruvi) on the drums and Mohamad Firdaus (Pito) on bass, Go Gerila! is always up for the challenge in putting together their dynamics and uniqueness into their music.

Go Gerila's "Blackbox" album launch happening today at Kakiseni Freespace.

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Their spontaneous jam to Hattan’s ‘Biso Bonar’ was certainly fruitful and lead to the starting point of the band’s own musical journey, especially during their emergence in the inaugural Versus program by TV9.

Blending in a mix of rock, and other beats, including Britpop and alternative music, hence the rise of their debut album aptly named ‘Blackbox’, which was officially launched on 19th June and also can be deemed as the pride and joy of Kasi Gegar Entertainment (directly run by the Amdan brothers).

Consisting of 7 tracks, the album also includes 2 tracks composed by Malaysia’s renown music mentors, Hattan’s Biso Bonar and M. Nasir’s Cinta Kristal, infused with their own form of experimentation.

With the materials from ‘Blackbox’ under their belt, fans should be expecting to meet the guys somewhere in September/October of this year to promote ‘Blackbox’ throughout Malaysia . Be sure to hang on, people.

You can purchase ‘Blackbox’ directly from the band’s label here.

Watch their latest music video, ‘Perjalanan’ featuring Loque of MonoloQue, below

by Awin Roslin