Hari Malaysia

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Sabahan born singer-songwriter turned producer (of film and music), Pete Teo, has always had interesting angles and things to say about the state of our nation, evident in his last project, 15Malaysia, a short film project featuring some of the most familiar faces in the country (musicians, actors, and even politicians!).

So we were excited when he initiated and produced “Hari Malaysia”, featuring some pristine archive footage from 31st August 1957, with cameos from the likes of Asmidar, David Arumugam, YB Nurul Izzah Anwar, Ramli Ibrahim and many more, stitched perfectly into the footage. Pete also wrote the beautiful songs ‘Kembara’ (co wrote with Amran Omar) and ‘Slipstream’ that fits the videos perfectly.

He explains further:

“It occurred to me that I should make a time machine: a temporal device to transport Malaysia back to the days of its founding. In times of heightened political, religious and racial tension, perhaps time-traveling to where we began would be good. It might remind us of our greater commonality instead of our petty differences. Besides, all it would take is an evocative song, about 4 minutes of archive film footage, lots of phone calls and CGI visual effects.”

‘Kembara’ sung by Asmidar

‘Slipstream’ sung by Melina William (of Tempered Mental)

Click here for more information on the project.